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SIMS Discover – Monitoring Vulnerable Groups

SIMS Discover takes data analysis to a new level. It is a cutting edge graphical analysis tool that enables you to discover connections you never knew existed before.

To get started…

Open Discover from your SIMS Homepage.  A screen like the one below will open.  The white area (canvas) is where you will create all of your analysis graphs.


The first icon is all about pupils – find out about the number of pupils in each year as well as the breakdown of males/females (see the full list below).


To start identifying the vulnerable groups within your class drag ‘Student Total by Registration Group’ onto the canvas.  From the third icon (Pastoral) drag and drop onto the canvas the ‘User Defined Groups’.  Groups of the pupil premium children have already been created in SIMS.


Locate the correct group for your year group e.g. ‘PWS Pupil Premium Y6’, drag and drop this onto the canvas.

From the Registration Group graph drag and drop your class bar onto the canvas.

Now analysis can begin.  If you drag the ‘PWS Pupil Premium Y6’ onto your class group it starts to create a Venn.  I now know how many Pupil Premium children are in my class (14 children).


50% of the children within my class are in receipt of Pupil Premium funding (14/28).

Now, I want to know some of the Key Pastoral Factors for these children so I return to the third icon (Pastoral) and drag out ‘Student Totals by Key Pastoral Factors’.  This gives me an overview of the whole school but I am interested in the Pupil Premium children in my class, so from the Venn diagram created (above), I drag and drop the 14 children onto ‘Student Totals by Key Pastoral Factors’.  Once the series has been added I can remove the whole school information and look at the information for my class.


This graph tells me a little more about the group.  8 of the 14 children are still in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) and so 6/14 are FSM6 children. 9 of the 14 children have English as an Additional Language (EAL) so 5/14 have English as a first language.

This information makes me probe the Ethnicity of the group further.  So from the ‘Pastoral’ icon I select ‘Student Totals by Ethnicity’.  This shows me the information for the whole school so I drag and drop my registration group onto the graph and remove the whole school information.  Then I select my Pupil Premium children from my Venn and drag and drop onto the Ethnicity graph.

7       8

To identify the Special Educational Needs (SEN) within the group choose the fifth icon (SEN) and select ‘Students by SEN Need Type Category’.  Drag and drop the registration group onto the graph and remove the whole school so that you can see the information for your class.  As before, drag and drop the Pupil Premium group onto the graph.   I can start to look at what this tells me e.g. 4/6 children that have Speech, Language or Communication Need also receive Pupil Premium funding.  This should help me identify the type of support that I should put into place for these children.

9  10

The analysis doesn’t stop here!  You can use any of these groups and look at the progress that they are making by filtering assessment graphs with the vulnerable groups that you create in Discover.


Using SIMS Discover to support the analysis of data within the EYFS

SIMS Discover is an innovative tool that enables you to analyse your school data in creative ways.  We have used SIMS Discover to analyse EYFS data.  We have analysed the number of children at the expected level, or exceeding the expected level in the three prime areas which are most essential for children’s healthy development.  We have also included maths and literacy.  The 5 circle Venn that has been created in SIMS Discover allows us to analyse the children that are working at the expected level or are exceeding the expected level in all the early learning goals (ELG) that make up: communication and language; physical; personal, social and emotional development; literacy and mathematics.  We can immediately see the number of children that have achieved this in more than one area e.g. the number of children in the centre of the Venn are at or above the expected level in the 5 areas stated above.   Data analysis in SIMS Discover doesn’t stop here, we can now analyse the data when filtered by key pastoral factors.