Great teacher talk

Evidence into Practice

The ‘war’ on Teacher Talk Time was one of the more depressing developments in my teaching career. Obviously secondary students will rapidly get bored if they are subjected to lectures – no one is advocating that teachers should drone on and on for hours – but the obsession with cutting down teacher talk became dysfunctional under the Ofsted framework.

The profession became awash with strategies to prevent teachers from talking. Here’s an example from TeacherToolkit (a typically excellent resource bank) that I found dismaying at the time:

“Teacher Talk can often be the root-cause of poor behaviour and debilitating progress during a lesson. … “Reducing Teacher-talk” will be my sole focus for 2012/13 in my own classroom, as well as observations of other colleagues and CPD training throughout the school year.”

Some of the Top Tips show the extent to which ‘teacher talk’ became taboo.

  • “Give the students a…

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