Using SIMS Discover to support the analysis of data within the EYFS

SIMS Discover is an innovative tool that enables you to analyse your school data in creative ways.  We have used SIMS Discover to analyse EYFS data.  We have analysed the number of children at the expected level, or exceeding the expected level in the three prime areas which are most essential for children’s healthy development.  We have also included maths and literacy.  The 5 circle Venn that has been created in SIMS Discover allows us to analyse the children that are working at the expected level or are exceeding the expected level in all the early learning goals (ELG) that make up: communication and language; physical; personal, social and emotional development; literacy and mathematics.  We can immediately see the number of children that have achieved this in more than one area e.g. the number of children in the centre of the Venn are at or above the expected level in the 5 areas stated above.   Data analysis in SIMS Discover doesn’t stop here, we can now analyse the data when filtered by key pastoral factors.



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